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Awan by Popi Premium Super Tissues

RM 60.00

This Giftbox comes with 9 white card boxes of Awan by Popi Premium Super Tissues, uniquely formulated for opulent softness and smoothness. These Super Tissues are infused with naturally extracted moisturisers to help ease friction against the skin and builds a nourishment barrier after use, further differentiating it from the other bland facial tissues.
The infusions contain natural extracts of coconut glycerin and hyaluronic acid for moisture retention and hydration purposes, whilst sorbitol is added for a softer touch so less harm would be caused to the skin after repeated rubbings. Squalane is also infused within to help create a safety barrier to reduce skin excessive moisture loss, which easily shows as redness and soreness after repeated rubbings using dry facial tissues.

*Popi Super Tissues contain an oral-safe disinfectant that protects you from germs including the household e.coli, funguses like the candida albicans and the staphylococcus aureus which causes more serious infections. Based on several tests, it is also mild enough for the oral mucosa and our skin.

*Popi Super Tissues are also DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED, proven to be safe to use for all skin types, including sensitive and delicate skin like common breakouts and babies' skin.

Technical Information
Tissue Size: L (20cm x 20cm)
Quantity: 9 boxes x 120 pulls
Sheets: 3 ply per pull
Material : 100% Premium Virgin Wood Pulp from sustainable forests
Lotion Infusions: Naturally extracted coconut glycerin, hyaluronic acid, squalane and sorbitol
Benefits: Softer and smoother to the skin, reduces skin moisture loss & protects skin  
Suggested use: Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, best used for facial care, infant/child care, feminine care and everyday comfort.